Monday, May 19, 2014

How to Achieve a Cost Effective Home Security Ideas: Stay Safe and Save Money   

Whether you are at home, or away, keeping your home safe is vital. If you desire safety, but choose to do so on a budget, you have choices for cost effective home security ideas.

Technology: If you have an old iPhone or iPad, you can download the free Presence app or the low-cost iCam app. Both offer live streaming that you can view from your phone or computer.
Or you can always explore the app store for more home security applications.

Window locks: For around $5 for each window, you can install window locks. They are easy to install and use, too. Check Amazon or Ebay for more selection of door locks.

Deadbolt lock: Install deadbolt locks on each exterior door. These locks are nearly impossible
to pick. For optimal security, install a deadbolt lock that locks from both the inside and outside. Be sure you keep the locks locked, though, or they won't be very protective.

Door alarm: You can install a door alarm for about $10. This noise-maker can be easily attached to any exterior door. When the door is opened unexpectedly, a loud alarm goes off, scaring any intruder.

Garage: Always close your garage door behind you. An open garage door can serve as an
open invitation for a thief. This is the most frequently overlooked part of the house. Be warned.
Also, keep your garage cleaned out. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is, if the garage is cleaned out, you can park inside it. This makes it harder for your car to get stolen or vandalized. The other reason is it makes it much harder for any potential burglar to track when you leave and come home.

Lights: The more lights you can have, the better. If your street is dark or your home's
entrance is dim, install motion sensor lights that come on automatically when there is movement.
When you are away from your house, use timers on your inside lights. This helps make your home appear that someone is there. Use timers in different rooms so it looks natural.

Home Security Signs. It's easy to install and very cost-effective. Putting home security signs on obvious places could send a warning to burglars that your home is secured.

Use the budget-friendly tips shared here to make sure you are safe as possible. For more home security options, be sure to contact us and we will be glad to help.